SOLIDstaff Green Statement

Green Tourism logo is operated from the Cottage Hotel in Hope Cove which has a Green Tourism Silver Award and is working towards the gold award. Green Tourism is important both for The Cottage Hotel and employee training is interlinked with the Cottage Hotel employee training and includes Green awareness, saving both money and natural resources. A win, win for all. is a paper-free web based company. As we share an office with employees of the Cottage Hotel we are reducing waste, water and power by pooling our resources. was formed to counteract the negativity often surrounded by the recruitment industry. Aiming to provide a social and economical platform for a value for money, easy to use, transparent service to the catering industry. We try to acquire customers who hold a prestigious Green Tourism Award and by doing that enable our prospective employees to be able to work in catering establishments that show a commitment to being green for the good of the planet and social awareness.

Some of our prospective customers that have a prestigious Green Tourism Award are:

At we would like to offer all prospective companies that are members of the Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS), £100 +VAT (2 free credits) when you use the services of So if your company is not a member please join and help save the planet as well as your money with the help of Green Tourism.

When registering with all members please register using the Promo Code:


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