XML feeds

(For catering agencies and large catering chains)

At SOLIDstaff, we use agencies such as JobMate, Broadbean, LogicMelon, idibu, Vacancy Poster and Kaonix for integrating our sites. With the feeds, you can either simply post job adverts or include a multi-source CV search. There is no charge from SOLIDstaff for implementing these feeds; however, if you need to post your contact details on the job adverts, there is a small charge. (At the moment though, you can begin with a free trial until you are getting large results.)

(Bandings are allocated by SOLIDstaff dependent on expected number of adverts)

Number of adverts on SOLIDstaff Price per
CV viewing
Price per advert
(with contact details)
1 to 19 £12.00 £1.00
20 to 99 £10.00 £1.00
100 to 249 £8.00 £1.00
250 to 399 £6.00 £1.00
400 and more £4.00 £1.00

Credits are not time-dependent – they will remain available until you need them (unlike some of our competitors!).

Remember it is always free to submit an advert without your contact details (where you only pay to see the applicant's contact details).

To request an XML Feed, contact us at with your details on this page.

Submitting external adverts to SOLIDstaff

If you have adverts which have to be submitted from your own website, you can still include them in SOLIDstaff.

This means, of course, that SOLIDstaff is not charging for the purchase of applicants' CV details so we have to implement a small charge based on the number of applicant redirections for these adverts. Please contact SOLIDstaff for further information, initial free trial details and prices.

Integrating SOLIDstaff vacancies into your website

It is easy to display your adverts within your website without appearing to come from SOLIDstaff. All it requires is a single line of code on your part while SOLIDstaff handles the display and contacts. Any applications can be sent directly to you email address. Meanwhile, your adverts remain on the SOLIDstaff website for access to the larger market.

To see how it can be integrated, visit this sample page

The cost for adding vacancies to your website is just £250 per year. All you need to do is add a single line of code to your page: we will handle all the rest.

Post your adverts with Vacancy Poster

Vacancy Poster provides a quick and efficient method of posting vacancies to multiple job boards in a matter of seconds. The Vacancy Poster application can be integrated with your own website (job or careers  section), thus providing simultaneous posting of your vacancies to your favoured job boards at the same time. Should you not have a job or careers section, Vacancy Poster can offer bespoke micro job boards that will display your vacancies and improve your web presence (SEO). These micro job boards allow some customisation and further details are available upon request.

Vacancy Poster can also help improve your recruitment administration efficiencies providing you features such as ‘auto reply’ allowing you to send a custom reply to all job applicants, ‘candidate screening’  giving you the ability to ask every applicant a series of questions relevant to the job they applied for. Incidentally in using the screening option Vacancy Poster will auto sort each screened applicant against each role (candidates with the highest marks appear at the top of the job application listings). The screening option can be set up with simple Yes / No replies as well as Multiple Choice (or any combination of both) – Vacancy Poster will also provide the country that the screened applicant has submitted their answers from.

Vacancy Poster is feature rich, is integrated with hundreds of job boards and at only £60 per user per year is probably the most cost effective multi-posting tool on the market today.

If you want to know more contact us [email protected] or visit www.vacancyposter.com