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(£300 +VAT Added Value to your clients)

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At SOLIDstaff, we want to offer accommodation advertisers added value to their catering and hospitality clients. By doing this, we believe everyone gains! You will be looked upon as giving added value for the cost of your services at no cost to you. The customer will gain 6 free credits (worth £300 +VAT) while Solidstaff gains a portal for us to obtain access to more employees registering on the site.

SOLIDstaff was built by caterers for caterers! Specifically for those smaller establishments that have no internal HR department. We believe that the smaller catering establishments which link to SOLIDstaff will increase our chances of bringing down recruitment costs for the whole of the industry. The free credits have no time limited, they will be there for you to use at a future date, so small establishments that do not recruit staff often, will still have the benefit of using their free credits in years to come.

We would like accommodation advertisers to persuade your clients to add a link to SOLIDstaff on their websie. In return, your clients will receive six free credits while you will be added to our list of accommodation advertisers (once the client is registered and the link to us is confirmed.) This in turn will help sell your company to caterers. Also the list of accommodation advertisers will be shown on the employers home page, so potential new advertisers in your guide have this in direct view.

Example text for your website – not needed if you have links from your client to us (can be changed if required):

(YOUR COMPANY NAME) works closely with for catering recruitment. All you have to do is place the word 'careers' (linked to SOLIDstaff) on the bottom line of your website to gain 6 free credits (a £300 +VAT saving). Then register and email when done.

Search for an accommodation advertiser:

Company Website Where based
ASI Outsourcing UK
Beds for Builders UK
Best Loved Hotels UK
Cornwall's Finest Luxury Collection Online Cornwall
Cotswolds' Finest Luxury Collection Online Cotswolds
Devon's Finest Luxury Collection Online Devon
Dogpeople UK
Dorset's Finest Luxury Collection Online Dorset
Golf in... Guides UK
Green Day Out UK
Kingsbridge Information Centre South Devon
Quality in Tourism UK
Salcombe Information Centre South Devon
Signpost UK
Somerset's Finest Luxury Collection Online Somerset
South West Coast Path Association South West

SOLIDstaff is built by caterers for caterers! Reducing the cost of recruitment!