Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register using

There are 3 ways to register on the home page:

  1. Top right hand side (Sign in/Register) Quicker
  2. Top blue bar (search for jobs) more information before registering
  3. The Employees box with the Chef in the photo. Press the (register) button this will give you more information before registering

Once you know how the system works use No.1 Top right hand side (Sign in/Register) to save you time.

Can I speak to a member of staff at as there is no telephone number?

Yes, you can e-mail us with your telephone number; a member of will call you back. Please give a convenient time to call you.

Do I need to choose a username ?

Yes, this can be anything as it does not appear on your CV/Form. If you forget your username you can get a reminder by entering the email you used to register with.

Do I need to complete all sections of the application form at once?

No, however, it may help if you to do as much as possible at once. You can come back at any time to add information. e.g full CV or photo etc. Once you have registered you enter the Employee homepage. At the top of the page if tells you your logged in name and status e.g. (Private/Public).

What happens to my application once I have filled in my form?

The form has to be checked by one of staff. This can take 12 hours or less but can take up to 48 hours in busy times. Your CV/Form is not viewable until checked.

Do you have an age limit for any of your vacancies?

It is entirely up to the employer however, it should be a justifiable reason on the grounds of safety or the law. For example- serving drink you must be over 18 years.

How does an employee make contact?

The employer will contact you either by e-mail, telephone, mobile, or the website.

Can I find an International job on your site?

Yes - employers will also advertise overseas positions.

If I try to find the location of the company in the A-Z and I am not sure how to get to the location?

Usually employees will forward instructions on how to get to the location when they write to you. They will usually give the proximity to bus routes and mainline stations.

What if I get a letter requesting me to come for an interview but I have work commitments on that particular say?

Inform the employer, as soon as possible, of your circumstances so that another date can be fixed.

What if there is more than one interview date and I am unable to attend at least two of the dates?

Telephone, as soon as possible, the employer and inform him of the dates you will be unavailable.

I arrive late for my interview as there was a problem with the transport?

Always apologise for your lateness and give the employer your reason for lateness. An interviewer may still be prepared to give you your interview.

What if I do not hear from the company for sometime after the interview?

Usually when the interview is completed the employer will inform you of the period, for instance ‘within a month’. Always make sure of the procedures before leaving your interview.