What others think of SOLIDstaff.com

We are delighted to join forces with SOLIDstaff to present our members with a new approach to recruitment, designed by a member of the hospitality industry.”

Quality in Tourism
Gary Swarbrooke,
Quality in Tourism

Unique approach, recognising that Green Tourism experience can help businesses reduce running costs and improve marketing”

Andrea Nicholas, Green Tourism
Andrea Nicholas,
Green Tourisms

SOLIDstaff is a wonderful new concept for the catering/hospitality industry, saving time & money in recruitment costs.”

Lee Cash
Lee Cash, Peach Pubs

Wish I had thought of it myself. SOLIDstaff.com will be the competition needed in the recruitment industry that has been desperately missing!”

Russell Allen, Aubrey Allen
Russell Allen, Aubrey Allen

SOLIDstaff offered us a great service and we saved time and money! I'd advise anyone to use them!”

Simeon Turner
Simeon Turner, Tech:Touchstone

SOLIDstaff looks to fill the gap in the jobs market to put potential employers and employees together in an easy and cost-effective way.”

Andrew Jenkins, Moorland Garden Hotel
Andrew Jenkins, Moorland Garden Hotel

Kitley House is always looking to attract quality staff and this website allows us to do just that.”

Andrew Huckerby, Kitley House
Andrew Huckerby, Kitley House

At last! An information-age forum for employers and candidates to openly interact, doing away with the barriers created by the middle man.”

Mullion Cove Hotel
Matthew Grose, Mullion Cove Hotel

Just what we needed when we were struggling to fill a vacancy. Reliable, which is paramount, with a first-class response.”

Soar Mill Cove Hotel
Keith Makepiece, Soar Mill Cove Hotel