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At SOLIDstaff, we want to offer web developers added value to their catering and hospitality website clients. By doing this, we believe everyone gains! You will be looked upon as giving added value for the cost of your website services at no cost to you. The customer will gain 6 free credits (worth £300 +VAT) while Solidstaff gains a portal for us to obtain access to more employees registering on the site.

SOLIDstaff was built by caterers for caterers! Specifically for those smaller establishments that have no internal HR department. We believe that the smaller catering establishments which link to SOLIDstaff will increase our chances of bringing down recruitment costs for the whole of the industry. The free credits have no time limited, they will be there for you to use at a future date, so small establishments that do not recruit staff often, will still have the benefit of using their free credits in years to come.

We would like web developers specialising in hospitality and catering sites to include a link to SOLIDstaff, although we do understand that, if you do not specialise in these areas, you might prefer not to. However you can still appear on the SOLIDstaff website if your clients include a link to SOLIDstaff. (They will receive their six free credits once they are registered and the link to us is confirmed.)

Once a link (from you or your client) is confirmed, we will then add you to our list of web developers on SOLIDstaff. This in turn will help sell your web company to caterers. Also the list of web developers will be shown on the employers home page, so the people who buy websites have this in direct view.

Example text for web developer's sites (can be changed if required):

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(YOUR COMPANY NAME) works closely with www.SOLIDstaff.com for catering recruitment. All you have to do is place the word 'careers' (linked to SOLIDstaff) on the bottom line of your website to gain 6 free credits (a £300 +VAT saving). Then register and email when done.

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Save £300 (6 credits) by linking to SOLIDstaff.com
with our web company for caterers
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Search for a web developer:

Web company Website
ASI Outsourcing http://www.asi-outsourcing.co.uk/
Clockwork Marketing http://www.clock-work.co.uk/
Four Degrees West http://www.fourdegreeswest.co.uk/
Grapevine IT http://www.grapevineit.net/
MGV Productions http://mgvp.tv/
Vixtay Web Design http://www.vixtay-web-design.co.uk/
Vmal Web Design http://www.vmal.co.uk/

SOLIDstaff is built by caterers for caterers! Reducing the cost of recruitment!